The Treatment

Cavitation lipo is the latest non-invasive circumference reduction and body contouring treatment. The low frequency ultrasound energy wave, produces a strong wave of pressure to the fat cell membrane. The fat cell membrane cannot withstand this pressure and therefore disintegrates into a liquid state.

The result is a natural fat loss. Cavitation Lipo - like all of our treatments here at Refresh - is treated with no after-treatment downtime, allowing you to continue with your week.


Ashley has had one treatment of Cavitation Lipo to reduce the fat around her hips. Ashley has lost 3 inches after only one treatment and is continuing her course of weekly Cavitation Lipo treatments to continually improve the area of concern.

Ashley - Lost 3 Inches,

Jess has had 2 treatments of Cavitation Lipo to reduce the areas of fat around her abdomen and hips. Jess has lost 5 inches from her areas of concern and is continuing her treatment of Cavitation Lipo to further reduce the build up in said areas.

Jess - Lost 5 Inches,

Treatment Areas

treatment area
Underarms & Bingo Wings

The underarm area is renowned for developing ‘bingo wings’. We have a range of non-invasive technologies that can help diminish bingo wings.


The thigh area is sometimes most susceptible to fat-pockets and cellulite. Cavitation lipo can help remove said fat build ups.

Stomach & Abdomin

Everyone is striving to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat on the abdomen, to achieve their personal body goals.

Buttocks & Bum

We have a range of non-invasive electrical treatments to help smooth, tighten and tone the buttock area.


Cavitation Lipo is best treated as a course of treatments, complimented by Radio Frequency and Dermology, but Cavitation Lipo as an individual treatment is priced as follows:

  • 1 Area


  • 2 Areas


  • 3 Areas


  • 4 Areas