The Treatment

Ultrasound Lipo is a more common term for Ultrasonic Lipo. They’re the same and are the treatment of fat cells through high energy sounds waves, which breaks down the body’s fat cells to be later absorbed through the body’s lymphatic system. In other words, the fat cells are released naturally through your liver & urine.

Ultrasound (Ultrasonic) Lipo is a much less invasive procedure than traditional tummy-tucks or liposuction surgery, in fact they are completely non-surgical. They also take a fraction of the time, so you’re able to finish your treatment in under an hour, with no after-treatment down time & get on with your week.

Treatment Areas

treatment area

The underarm area is renowned for developing ‘bingo wings’. We have a range of non-invasive technologies that can help diminish bingo wings.

Thighs & Inner Thighs

The thigh area is sometimes most susceptible to fat-pockets and cellulite. Ultrasonic Lipo can help remove said fat build ups.

Stomach & Abdomen

Everyone is striving to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat on the abdomen, to achieve their personal body goals.

Buttocks & Bum

We have a range of non-invasive electrical treatments to help smooth, tighten and tone the buttock area.


Ultrasonic Lipo is best treated as a course of treatments, complimented by Radio Frequency and Dermology, but Ultrasonic Lipo as an individual treatment is priced as follows:

  • 10 Minutes


  • 20 Minutes


  • 30 Minutes


  • 40 Minutes (max)